Ocean Shore : Olympic Peninsula

Photographer Karen E. Bean pinhole image of Olympic Ocean Shore

After The Storm

Taken after a stormy day on the Olympic Peninsula.

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Pinhole Wilderness Photography Is Alive

What? 11 months between posts is a long time?
I’m afraid beekeeping won out over posting on the web.
I keep creating images, but just don’t find the time to post regularly.

Pinhole Ocean and Rocks Image: Photographer Karen E. Bean

Ocean Swirl

Taken on the Olympic Peninsula Coast during a very stormy walk.

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Yes, it’s the first of June, and I’m posting the images for April.  “Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so” (Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

April and May in the world of beekeeping were a little hectic.  I kept working on images, but never having the time to post them.  So I’ll just post along until I catch up..

First Week of April 2012

Pinhole Image Of Rocky Tide Pools and Pacific Ocean : Photographer Karen E. Bean, Maple Falls, WA Walking-Wild.com

Olympic Shore : Washington State

The Olympic Shore of Washington State is one of the most beautiful places to walk.  Even when the weather is not quite right (when I said I’d like to spend a day reading and sleeping on a beach, I meant in the sun not in a tent in a torrential downpour – but the next days were nice).

Second Week of April 2012

Rapids on the North Fork of the Nooksack River, a pinhole image : Photographer Karen E. Bean, Maple Falls, WA Walking-Wild.com

Nooksack River Rapids

I live near the Northfork of the Nooksack River in Whatcom County, in northwest Washington state.  This section, called Horseshoe Bend is along a lovely, gentle walk though old growth trees along this raging river.

Those are the images for Wilderness Pinhole Photography by Karen Bean, Maple Falls, Washington  (that would be me) that I’ve time to post today – I’ll put up the next 2 weeks of April next week – hopefully I’ll catch up.


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Pinhole Wilderness Images February & March 2012

A bit late in posting – Computer issues and then a trip to visit my father….
I work on one pinhole wilderness image each week – Posting them never works out that simple in this land of dial-up.

Fifth Week of March 2012

Pinhole Image: Waterfall Glacier Peak, northwest Washington state

A Peaceful Rush

There is a lovely, peaceful vale just north of White Pass on the southside of Glacier Peak, in which a turbulent stream picks up speed as it works its way down the mountain.

Fourth Week of March 2012

Sunlight Through Towering Conifers

Towers of Light

Cougar Divide rises and falls along one of the “arms” of Mt. Baker near our farm.   The goats love the walk.  I love that they carry my gear.

Third Week of March 2012

Waterfall at Twin Lakes, northwest Washington State

Winter Fall

Twin Lakes, a rough pick-up truck ride into the mountains, but well worth the trouble.   This is early spring 2011 (as of the date of this posting there is over 9 feet of snow on the road to the lake).

Second Week of March 2012

Mt. Baker, Washington with sun flare

Mount Baker Transcended

Mt. Baker is the second most glaciated volcano in Washington State.  It’s accessible, beautiful, and very geologically active.

First Week Of March 2012

Pool of Light in Forest

Forest Pool

We’ve two creeks on our farm – this one is nestled beneath alders, maples and cedars – peaceful (once the dogs have splashed away up stream).

Fourth Week of February 2012

Hemlocks with Sun Flare

Flared Conifers

South Side of Glacier Peak, Washington

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Over Rocks : Pinhole Wilderness Images : 2012 Week 3: February

PInhole Image : Water Over Rocks : : Pinhole Images 2012 : by Karen E. Bean, Maple Falls, WA

Water Over Rocks

Third Week February 2012

The North Fork of the Nooksack River runs through our county (Whatcom) in northwest Washington.  In our area it’s a wild river cutting between boulders and under cedars and hemlocks.  I do like what pinhole does with water.

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Red Hills: Pinhole Wilderness Images : 2012 2nd week February

Pinhole Project 2012 : Photographer Karen E. Bean, Maple Falls, Washington

Red Hills in Fall

A lucky stroke on where the sun flare hit.  The hills are truly that color in the high-country here in the fall : blueberry foliage.

Photographer Karen E. Bean, Maple Falls, Washington


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Pinhole Wilderness Images 2012 : 1st Week February

Pinhole Photography: Mountain Pool, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Photographer Karen Bean, Maple Falls, WA

Mountain Pool : Glacier Peak Wilderness, WA

I was on my way out of a 17 day trip in the Glacier Peak Wilderness.  It had rained for all but five days.

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Pinhole Wilderness Images 2012 : January, weeks 1 to 4

1st January Pinhole Image:

Olympic Peninsula Sunset

Olympic Peninsula Summer 2011

2nd January Pinhole Image

Sunny Big Leaf Maple Tree (pinhole photography)
Big Leaf Maple with Sun

3rd January Pinhole Image

Creek, Rocks, Devils' Club (pinhole) : Photo By Karen E. Bean, Walking-Wild.com
Farm Creek With Devil’s Club
4th January Pinhole Image

35mm film pinhole photography of Daisies : Pinhole A Week 2012 Project : Karen Bean Photographer, Maple Falls Washington

Daisies In the Breeze

This is the last weekend in January – February kicks off soon, with hopefully more sun.  At least the snow and rain gives one time to work on images. 

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Wilderness Pinhole Photography :  I love pinhole photography. I love the wilderness.

This is a pinhole image of Sunset on the Olympic Peninsula August 2011.  Yes, it’s the header too.

Olympic Peninsula Sunset

Olympic Peninsula Summer 2011

Why Pinhole?

I worked for years as a cinematography in film.  This lets me shoot film, which I like much more than digital.  I shoot 35mm still film – it’s getting harder to find in the slow speeds I like

I also worked documentaries, including mine – Click For the Walking Wild Series – and I became very tired of what, to me, is the hard lines of digital (without more digital manipulation)

Film has an inherent softness that digital lacks (without that technical jiggery-pokery)

Pin hole is “uniformly in focus.”  Which means nothing is in focus.

I haven’t really thought about what to write on this blog, but I’ve had the page for a year.  So I guess I’ll post a photo or two each week.  Or try to turn it into a site.  Hope you all enjoy it.

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